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Droppin’ It Like It’s Hot

When I started this process I decided I’d weigh myself at the start and end of each phase of the Slimband plan. So far, I’ve weighed myself the day I started the pre-op diet, the day of my surgery, the day after I finished the liquids stage (and started full liquids), and the day after I finished the full liquids stage (and started mushies). To date, I’ve lost 11 lbs.Big cheesy grin on napkin

Well, since today is the day after I finished mushies (and the day I start full food again – WOOO EFFING HOO! I HATE MUSHIES!) I weighed myself and…I’ve lost another 7 lbs!! I honestly can’t believe it. Technically I’m not even supposed to be losing weight right now but I must be doing something right.

That being said, I know it’s not healthy to lose weight that fast (I’ve lost weight before and all…) but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to continue at this rate. The Slimband plan tells us to aim for the healthy rate of 1-2 lbs per week and reminders are rife that any weight lost before reaching our band restriction ‘sweet spot‘ are inconsistent.

That brings my total to 18 lbs lost in a little under a month!! That’s pretty staggering. It’s certainly falling off fast. I started real food today so I suspect some of it will be coming back but I’m pleased as punch for now!


Coffee Girl

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I LOVE coffee. My life-long romance with black gold started back in high school when my dear friend T-Bone’s dad bought me a medium double-double from Tim Horton’s. Up to that point I’d never been a big fan of the stuff. But when I tasted that sweet, creamy goodness I knew I’d never look back.I love coffee

During the Slimband pre-op diet (7 days) and the clear liquid stage (6 days) I couldn’t enjoy my favourite tasty beverage. I was allowed coffee during pre-op but it had to be blech, I mean black. My preferences changed as my love for the daily grind grew. I changed my order from the ditty little medium (295 ml) double-double to that of a large (415 ml) or XL (590 ml) triple-triple.

When I returned from England my preferences had changed again to milk rather than cream and Tim’s had added a fantastic treat to their very small menu: Iced Coffee.

I didn’t think I could love Tim’s more than I already did. It quickly became my daily dose. Surely, one could understand why my missing the good stuff for just 13 days was absolute torture.

So, on this sunny Sunday, I grabbed myself a large iced coffee made with milk and lots of ice. I wasn’t sure if my stomach was ready for it but I managed to finish the whole thing in no less than 3 hours. Yep, that’s right. I said 3 hours. What used to take me a quick 30 minutes now takes some time to get down. But GD it’s worth it!!

Pre-op Day 7

OMG!! Just got the call to confirm my check in time for surgery tomorrow – 2pm!! My surgery is scheduled for 3pm at the Slimband clinic in Toronto. The nurse gave me some very interesting instructions:
mulberry ruby bayswater

  1. No eating from midnight tonight – WTF!! If I could NOT eat, I wouldn’t be having the bloody surgery now would I!
  2. I can shower but I MUST use antibacterial soap – so stripping the skin bare then??
  3. No finger nail polish and if I’ve got acrylic nails I’ve got to be sure they’re removed on my index fingers – THAT’s probably something they should tell you sooner than 24 hours before surgery! Not that I have acrylic nails or anything but still…
  4. Bring my ‘binder’ with me so we can take pictures – Well, I suppose if they’re going to see me naked for surgery a little peep show before won’t matter!

Can’t believe this is really happening!! I’m super nervous and excited at the same time. I’m lucky to have the support of my friends and family and also a number of WLS forums. I’ve got a lot of advice and info from them and it’s been a big help.

I’m trying to focus on the outcome rather than the process cause it’s going to be a long one. Perhaps I’ll purchase myself a little treat when I’m all done like Mulberry’s new Ruby Bayswater. Since I won’t be eating much I should finally be able to afford the £750 price tag!

Pre-op Day 6

Well, today was a lot easier than yesterday. No real cravings worthy of a rawhide chew toy. I have had a piece of two of Stride Uber Bubble™ and it’s helped to curve the cravings a few times. Sweet and chewy which is pretty much all I needed. What a relief! Big fan. BIG.Stride Uber Bubble

Managed to get through an entire day of TV without any snacking. Highly unusual for a woman of my stature so I’m quite pleased with myself. Getting slightly nervous at the thought of the pure liquids stage post-op but I guess if I can do this I can do that.

One things I’m getting used to is the dull ache in the pit of my stomach widely associated with hunger. As most skinnies know it’s not overly painful, simply an annoyance I’ve come to tolerate. That being said, let’s see what happens when I can’t eat from Midnight on Thursday. I’m sure I’ll be breaking out the rawhide then!

Pre-op Day 2-5

Been doing okay so far. Been following along as I should. Broke the diet on Saturday for a birthday party but didn’t really stray too far…unless you count the two cupcake tops and the copious amounts of alcohol I jammed into my system. At least I only ate the tops of the cupcakes right? Well,  I went straight back to the restriction the next day and have been following it to a tee since then. It’s definitely been a challenge.

I’m pretty much hungry ALL THE TIME. Today, was the hardest day so far. It honestly didn’t matter that I’d just eaten, I’ve been absolutely ravenous. I mean, hunger pains worthy of chewing off my own arm. I’ve also been pretty shaky and I can’t seem to concentrate so I’m pretty sure it’s the withdrawals I was expecting from all the fat, sugar and carbs I’ve been gorging on for the last six months. I remember it from when I did the Body Doctor program last year (I even had to take a day off work then).

But I’m sticking to it. It’s my health we’re talking about here so I gotta make sure I do what I’m supposed to do.

I’m even getting adventurous with the barrage of bland that I’m entitled to indulge in. I cooked a chicken breast in some chilli flakes, garlic and ginger to top off my spinach salad and it’s actually quite good.

That being said, the diet is pretty strict: pretty much greens with some kind of protein with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette. BUT I’m allowed protein shakes as snacks if I get too hungry. As such, I’ve been hunting around town for a protein shake I can actually stomach and I gotta say there’s a HUGE shortage of tasty protein drinks in Canada. I’ve search all over the net but can only find American brands that come recommended for taste. The two I’m most interested in is Nature’s Best Isopure Low Carb and Whey Gourmet. Both have a variety of flavours but they don’t seem to be widely available in Canada.

I’ve done some digging and apparently the Isopure isn’t here mainly due to a change in Canadian legislation a few years back regarding the term ‘low carb’. Apparently our government took action against this term in reaction to the low carb fad diet trend of the last decade. I think it sends a pretty strong message to the public but it’s also sending a strong message to American suppliers. Either they spend the money on separate labelling for Canada or lose the market. Many have simply chosen to pull their products from the market as with Isopure.Shopping

Although I agree with the sentiment, we are living in a global marketplace these days where products are generally available across borders and this only created another barrier to be broken. In this case, it’s a shame because it really only gives Canadians another reason to run to the border to do our shopping in the US… Especially now that our dollar has been reaching parity so often! I mean, I’m all for supporting Canadian merchants in tough times but if we can’t get it here I’m happy to jump on a plane or take a road trip to get the goods I’m after.

Pre-op Day 1

Day one of the pre-op diet was okay. I managed to cope with the rather strict regime by distracting myself watching TV and movies. I really didn’t feel all that hungry throughout the day and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the food I’ve been eating. It’s fresh and tasty and the textures weren’t really much of a challenge.

It wasn’t until around 19:00 that I had my first real carb craving of my journey.

Although I shouldn’t have, I caved to the craving and had a bowl of Oatmeal Crisp with skimmed milk. It’s honestly never tasted so good! At least it was whole grain…So, that brings my total food consumption to the following:


2 x small tubs of Liberte Svelte yogurt


Spinach salad with cucumber, red and green peppers and a boiled egg topped with balsamic vinegar, fresh cracked pepper and sea salt.Spinach salad


(Another) Spinach salad with (more) cucumber, red and green peppers topped with chicken breast cooked in garlic, chilli and ginger – DELISH!


Cereal mentioned above.

All in all, I think I did quite well. Can’t believe I actually caved on the first day though! Guess I better try harder…sadly, tomorrow aint gonna be any better – friend’s 30th birthday. Bah!

Junk in My Trunk

Weight Loss Help ScaleTo the people I know and love, I’m overweight. To just about everyone else in the Western world I’m a fat girl. When I’m shopping in a store that couldn’t possibly stock my size, I’m a fat girl. When I’m shopping for a bra in one of Canada’s largest (and I don’t mean cup size) lingerie retailers, I’m a fat girl. When a stranger sees me chowing down a cereal bar in public, I’m a fat girl. When I’m eating right, working out, and actually losing some of the junk in my trunk, I’m a fat girl.

It doesn’t matter that I’m shopping in the skinny store for some stylish accessories or a fashionable gift for a friend. Or that there’s only a handful of lingerie stores in the country with holders to support my boulders. Or that I’m devouring said cereal bar in an effort to recover from my 3 times per week 2-hour torture session with my hot shot celebrity trainer. I’m still a fat girl.

But I’ve never been one to let my physical fitness level stop me from climbing to the top of the social ladder. Or hate myself for my big body’s imperfections. Quite the opposite really. I’ve always maintained a large social circle and my youth was lightly peppered with my fair share of beautiful boys despite my size. Perhaps it’s because I’ve always had a larger than life personality to complement my curvy configuration. Or perhaps it’s been the oh-so-pretty face I’ve been hearing about all my life.

I’m not entirely sure what it’s been because my “pretty face” never stopped the old ladies from sending a scoff in my direction whilst squeezing into the seat beside me. My “pretty face” never made it any easier for the crabby carnie to squeeze my sizeable derriere into the seats on the Behemoth. My “pretty face” never stopped the kids from mooing at me on the Underground. It seems my sizeable appearance has always bothered everyone else but me.

That being said, not a day goes by that I don’t feel a scratch from the green monster at the thought of my smaller sidekicks and their frequent shopping expeditions through NYC and LDN. Oh, what I’d give to visit a city and pound the pavement with my girls without having to investigate the whereabouts of the most conveniently located big girls boutique. Hmph.

So, where am I going with this? Well, after spending the better part of two decades living the larger life I’ve decided to do something drastic. On April 16th, 2010 I’m having weight-loss surgery at the Slimband clinic in downtown Toronto and I can’t wait!

Friday marks Day 1 of the Pre-Op diet. It’s super strict! It’s designed to defeat my addiction to the bad stuff and help me take my portion sizes from super size to mini meals in preparation for the big day.

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