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Oh, Canada!

Well, it’s Canada Day in the nation’s capital which makes it officially the best possible day of the year to live in O-Town. I’m super excited to head up to the Hill to see Hey Rosetta! and several other Canadian treasures entertain the masses decked out in their Canadian pride.

Parliament Hill Canada DayIt’s been 3 days since my 2nd fill so I’m hoping I’ll be able to participate in all of the fantastic festivities without losing my lunch throughout the day. Haven’t had too much trouble getting down the grub since Monday. Been waking up feeling pretty tight and I can most certainly feel it when I’m stressed or anxious but other than that, it feels okay. I’m pretty pleased.

We’ll see what happens today. Looks like a fun one! Off to spend the day with some uni friends and can’t wait to see them! Then on to a big a Deadmau5 show thrown by none other than my coolest cuz. Guest list an’ all. Guess this town anit so bad sometimes! ;o)


So Damn Lucky or How I Got My DMB On

Dave Matthews Band at Molson AmpitheatreDrove to TO on Tuesday to go to the Dave Matthews Band gig at the Molson Amphitheatre that evening.  What a thoroughly fantastic evening! The boys just never fail to satisfy my hunger for one of Dave’s little ditties.

The show lasted nearly three hours and two big bottles of agua. Yes, I managed to get through the gig without drinking single swig of Molson’s ‘best’ brew (or any other brew for that matter!). It was surprisingly easy since it was super sunny and warm. Not too hot, not too cold. The most perfect of perfect nights to see DMB in an outdoor venue.

Just cause I love ’em, I’m posting the setlist provided courtesy of the good people over at the DMB Road Crew page – thanks fellas! One of my favourite DMB sets of all time:

Don’t Drink the Water

You Might Die Trying

Hello AgainDMB Molson Ampitheatre 2


Stay Or Leave

Shake Me Like a Monkey


Corn Bread


You and Me

Baby Blue

Lying In the Hands of God

Jimi Thing

Crash (Into Me)

Why I Am

Stay (Wasting Time)


When The World Ends (tease)

Funny The Way It Is

Ants Marching

Shame they’re taking 2011 off to focus on family and friends (not the I blame them!) but I’m always looking forward to my next DMB gig. They certainly inspire me to work hard and play hard.


Mmmm…The Brent Flood…a guilty pleasure of mine. A fantastic four-piece from South London that continue to tempt me with their progressive mix of sultry rock n’ roll and punked-up country. At first listen I was torn. I doubted them. I doubted their difference…their rock anthem guitar mixed with their delicate lyrics. Something just didn’t seem right.

But then I saw them live at a tiny little north London venue called the Betsy Trottwood and it hit me. Ever since that first live indulgence into the world of all things Floodilicious I knew these boys were serving up somethin’ good. I’ve seen them when they’re hot and I’ve seen them (rarely) when they’re not and they never cease to satisfy my craving for a hearty helping of what they call “Indie Sunshine”.

Their gig at the Halfmoon in Putney this month was no exception. But this time…something had changed…they were fresh, funky and indie-kid cool and they had moves to match to music I know and love. But don’t just take my word for it… 90% of the preceding band’s audience stuck around to enjoy the show and gave the boys the reception they deserved.

They kicked off their thirty-minute set with Heavy Petting. Personally, I love this tune. It’s a rock slash pop tune with a really catchy chorus about a guy cravin’ some action from an ex and she’s almost up for it. It’s a nice little popper that gets the crowd bopping and always makes me smile at the thought of this foursome getting some. My only criticism is that this tune ends just a little too quickly…

They turned out the rest of the set with professional precision including a duo of new, very different little dittys both of which shed a new light on the group’s song writing skills and their ability to musically stir things up. Hurricane is one to watch out for if you’re a fan of their more rock-related fare but if you love the acoustic in their Paint Our Faces Red you’re gonna devour Drunken Country.

This performance was by far the best of The Brent Flood to date and I’m pleased as punch to say that I haven’t sampled anything so delightful since.

So when you hear them, follow them, chase them and when you catch them, hold on tight cause you’re gonna wanna be there for the feast of fantastic that is their flight to fame!

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