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I Am Not My Hair…

Well, actually, I kinda am. And I don’t mind. It’s one of the things I love about myself. Arrogance aside, I’m a very happy big-haired blond and I take my hair pretty seriously!

I’m on my way to see the lovely ladies at Saab Spa on Bank Street and I just found the BEST ‘do in Celebrity Hairstyle Mag. Totally LOVE it!

I’m sure Tracey will cut it to match, Miranda will certainly colour me happy and send me away with the Pammy A-style bouffant that I do so love. Ahhh, salon bliss.

It’s amazing what a new ‘do can do for the confidence too!


Funky Fresh or What to Store Your Healthy Snacks In

Since I was feeling quite refreshed today I thought it was time I went for a wander with my dear Gam and my auntie. We went to the chic and cheerful SAAB Salon & Spa on Ottawa’s Bank street for them to get a quick primp and pamper.

Whilst I was awaiting the completion of a double masterpiece, one of the super stylists was bored and offered to curl my very rushed, recently-washed-but-not-dried hair. I had no other plans so I let her do her thang and hot damn my hair looked fantastic when she was through! And it was free!

The lovely ladies on Frank’s team really do a go above and beyond. We’ve booked a Mother’s Day Girls Day Out for May 8th so I’m really looking forward some de-stressing.  Not that I’m particularly worn-out, just effing tired of looking for a job. Hmph.

We then headed to what some would most certainly consider the Mecca for Canadian frugalistasWinner’s. I never fail to find something fabulous every time I see inside their four white walls. And this time was no exception. I picked up a very pretty pair of the most perfectly portioned plastic containers from Fit & FreshLunch on the go

I chose the Lunch on the Go Set ($7.99 CAD down from $16.99 CAD) and the Fresh Start Breakfast Chiller ($5.99 down from $12.99 CAD). These little gems are going to be a big help with portion control now that I’ve got such a tiny tummy!

Truly Outrageous!

I have pink and purple hair. Yep, you heard right, pink and purple a la Jem from Jem and the Holograms. Why did I do this to myself you ask? Well, because I wanted it. Simple as that. And I like it.

The overall reaction to this seemingly impulsive, dramatic and uncharactristic change has been pretty good too especially the shocked expressions on the faces of my nearest and dearest.

That being said, I did share their surprise at the salon when my stylist did the reveal. She actualy asked if I thought I might need a tissue before she unveiled that the ‘baby pink’ I’d requested actually came out as more of a fuschia. But I actually really like it. Besides, I’m told it will fade quite quickly and so too will the novelty but i’m sure it will be fun while it lasted…

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