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So Damn Lucky or How I Got My DMB On

Dave Matthews Band at Molson AmpitheatreDrove to TO on Tuesday to go to the Dave Matthews Band gig at the Molson Amphitheatre that evening.  What a thoroughly fantastic evening! The boys just never fail to satisfy my hunger for one of Dave’s little ditties.

The show lasted nearly three hours and two big bottles of agua. Yes, I managed to get through the gig without drinking single swig of Molson’s ‘best’ brew (or any other brew for that matter!). It was surprisingly easy since it was super sunny and warm. Not too hot, not too cold. The most perfect of perfect nights to see DMB in an outdoor venue.

Just cause I love ’em, I’m posting the setlist provided courtesy of the good people over at the DMB Road Crew page – thanks fellas! One of my favourite DMB sets of all time:

Don’t Drink the Water

You Might Die Trying

Hello AgainDMB Molson Ampitheatre 2


Stay Or Leave

Shake Me Like a Monkey


Corn Bread


You and Me

Baby Blue

Lying In the Hands of God

Jimi Thing

Crash (Into Me)

Why I Am

Stay (Wasting Time)


When The World Ends (tease)

Funny The Way It Is

Ants Marching

Shame they’re taking 2011 off to focus on family and friends (not the I blame them!) but I’m always looking forward to my next DMB gig. They certainly inspire me to work hard and play hard.


So Much to Say

Well, the internet has been down in my humble abode since just after my fill so I’ve got a bit of updating to do. I’ve been trying to shorten the length of my posts lately so I’ll try and keep it brief.

Dr BishopWhen I arrived at Dr Bishop‘s clinic, I was greeted by their super friendly staff. I provided my driver’s licence and health card info. Since it was my first visit to the clinic, I then met with a very nice nurse called Wendy who took my patient history information. I was a little surprised that Slimband hadn’t provided this information to them in advance of my visit as the information Wendy requested was basically the information contained in Slimband’s pre-op questionnaire. But, no biggie. I then returned to the waiting room and waited to see the doc.

Dr Bishop really has exceptional beside manner. He comes across as a very nice man, well-informed and thoughtful. He spent about 30 mins chatting with me about my history and getting a feel for my level of knowledge on my Slimband journey. He had recently returned from a conference at Harvard so had plenty to share with me on suggested methods to assist me with my weight loss while respecting that I would have some of this knowledge myself already for which I was very grateful.

My fill itself went very well. Quick and painless. On Slimband’s instruction, he injected 3ccs into my band but informed me that he would have recommended 4 ccs ‘since it’s the recommended first fill level in Australia’ at the moment…He gave me some water to drink to ensure I hadn’t had an ‘overfill’ and sent me on my way. The whole appointment lasted about an hour and I felt very relaxed throughout.

Shepherd's PieSince the fill, I don’t really feel all that restricted. Shamefully, I didn’t stick to the clear/full liquids mix for the first 48 hrs as instructed. I drank mostly water throughout the day but by around 8pm that night I ate about 3/4 cup of Mom’s homemade Shepherd’s Pie.

Since Tuesday was the DMB concert and I was travelling to Toronto, I went back to Clean Eating but took things very slowly. I had more to drink than I did to eat so I guess that was good. I’ve been told it takes about 2 weeks to feel the full effects of restriction so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I’m thinking I’ll be fillin’ ‘er up again in a month though!

Fill ‘er Up!

Needle TipWell, today’s the day. I get to have my very first fill! After bombarding Dr Bishop’s office with phone calls I finally got through to a person and scheduled my appointment for today at 2pm.

I’m super excited but I’m totally nervous. I’ve gotten pretty used to how to eat with this thing and I really don’t want to learn how to eat all over again. But I’ve gotta do it. It’s all part of the process. I’ll be one clear liquids for the first 24 hours and full liquids/mushies for the next 24 hrs.

This is certainly going to make the DMB gig a bit of a challenge. I’m off to TO tomorrow morning until Wednesday. Can’t wait!! I’m a little sad I won’t be drinking a beer in one of those shiny red plastic cups but I’m sure they’ll have SOMETHING I can eat at the Amphitheatre. I hope…

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