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Bikini Season or Where I Found the Perfect Plus-Size Bikini

So, summer in O-Town tends to sit at the super sweltering mark for the majority of season. Personally, I love the sun but the heat gets to me so cooling down is essential.

Although I’m not much of a beach babe, I do like to take a dip now and then. And since I’m nearing the 3-month mark, I can soon swim again!!

Like most of us larger ladies, I tend not to focus on finding the perfect two-piece for hitting the beach. So, I thought I’d do a little research and see what I could see for the sea.Plus size two piece bathing suit

Well, I found this fantastic little number by the good people at Alwaysforme.com. I’m a HUGE fan. It’s super flattering with the cinching on the sides, the twist keeps The Girls in place and it’s modest enough to cover some of my flaws. I’m thinking pink this year…and perhaps picking up a black one to mix and match. LOVE it.

Feeling okay lately band-wise. Since the second fill a week ago, I’m not at all afflicted with the ravenous hunger I’ve felt in the past. I simply get hungry when it’s time to eat which is around the 2-3 hour mark. Still able to eat things I shouldn’t and a bit more than I thought I would by now, so thinking I’ll need fill numero trois in a couple weeks. We’ll see though. Gotta wait the specified 2 weeks after fills to see if it works.

Having a bit of port pain lately though. Sleeping on a new mattress now that I’m living with family so gotta get used to the way my body lies on the bed. All part of the process I guess!


About digitaldivablog

This is the full story of my Slimband journey from the fatness to the fitness and everything in between! I had Lap-band surgery at the Slimband Clinic in Toronto with Dr. Yau in April 2010 and boy has it been an adventure! This is where I tell the tale.


4 thoughts on “Bikini Season or Where I Found the Perfect Plus-Size Bikini

  1. That is a cute bathing suit!!!

    Posted by Stephanie | July 6, 2010, 12:59
  2. What a cute bathing suit! Love the retro fit to it, Have a sweet day!

    Posted by Torie Jayne | July 17, 2010, 16:14
  3. I need to ask, how long did you experience port site pain. You know that tearing sensation under the skin…before it went away…I hope you tell me it went away:(

    Posted by Ana | August 17, 2013, 07:33
    • Hi there, the tearing sensation under the skin took quite some time to go away for me. I would say a couple of months. My guess is that I had to build up some scar tissue where the port is sewn to your stomach muscle. It’s been years and sometimes it still hurt. Not the same tearing sensation but sometimes if I lay the wrong way or do an intense ab workout I get some pulling. That said, I hear they aren’t putting the port site in the same place as where mine is these days so you may have a different experience than mine. If it gets super uncomfortable I would recommend speaking to your nurse or doctor.

      Posted by digitaldivablog | October 2, 2013, 13:37

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