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It Feels Good or How Booze Brings Me Back to London Times

Well, I’m back from the CALL Conference and feelin’ pretty fine! I’ve mentioned it in passing but I’m a marketing consultant and I’m currently between contracts. What that means in layman’s terms is quite simply, I’m unemployed.

Being at the CALL annual conference which I’ve attended faithfully with Justis Publishing for the last four years made me feel alive again. I so enjoy my job (when I’m working) but the people really make it worthwhile. My Justis colleagues, although sometimes a PITA like most colleagues are on occasion, really are a fantastic bunch and equally, the clients. I’ve always looked forward to this conference and this year was no exception.

In terms of band relations, it was a bit of a nightmare. If I’d been there in a completely professional capacity I’m pretty sure there would have been nothing both clean eating and bandster friendly to eat at the conference or during the social events. I brought some of my own food so I was okay but when that ran out, it really tested my clean eating knowledge.

The first night, I started the evening with my very favourite drink – a Manhattan

Warhol Manhattan Cocktail

It really doesn’t get much better than this for me. I just LOVE them. And as alcoholic drinks go, they’re pretty much bandster friendly due to the lack of carbonation but they’re fairly high in calories and alcohol content so should be consumed in moderation.

My Justis friends…treated me to a fantastic dinner at Windsor‘s ‘most upscale’ restaurant…The Keg! Huh?? I’ve got nothing against The Keg cause the food was great and the staff were friendly and prompt but it’s The Keg and me and these mates have eaten at some pretty flash places so I was surprised to hear they’d been there the night before and were keen to go again.

I hadn’t tried steak since getting the band so erred on the side of caution and went for a very delicious chicken dish. Needless to said I ate about a quarter of the food on my plate. But it was good. That being said, EVERYTHING they served came in a HUGE portion with loads of unnecessary carbs so a lot was wasted.

Even the appetizer (crab, parmesan and spinach dip) was too cheesy and came with twice-fried tortilla chips that seemed a bit to thick for me to have more than a nibble.

Also a challenge was the not drinking a glass of wine with my dinner. I had one glass at the beginning while my dinner companions finished the appetizer but had only just a few sips through dinner. And no dessert. A definite improvement from previous conference night’s out but felt a bit deprived.

I did dare to drink a bit more throughout the evening (about an hour after dinner) but it was tough to make bandster-friendly drink selections (if there is such a thing!) and I was full for quite a while.

Most drinks come with carbonated mixer and all bottled drinks come carbonated. I ended up going with Manhattans, other martinis and a significant amount of shooters. I’m fairly certain I’ll be paying for it on the scales this week!


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One thought on “It Feels Good or How Booze Brings Me Back to London Times

  1. Sounds like a blast!

    Posted by amandakiska | May 14, 2010, 18:26

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