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Cafe de Paris

I’ve been to Cafe de Paris a few times but Cafe Rocks was one of the best nights of my life. I went with my favourite indie kids (The Brent Flood) so they could mee with some peeps from a label interested in signing them. They had four great warm-up bands on then Amerie performed her latest single since it was her single launch party. She was RIGHT beside me at one point. It was awesome. Cafe de Paris London

No problems on the door for me but we arrived around 9pm which isn’t quite peak club time.

Since I was ‘with the band’ and the label was putting the night on, we were invited to the VIP section. We had the pleasure of enjoying the balcony and when the bar closed we found ourselves ushered into yet another VIP room downstairs in the back with it’s own bar and some really cool “beds”. Very plush! We literally partied ’til the sun came up. What a feeling leaving a club in the wee hours of daybreak.

My biggest complaint with this place is the price of drinks – £27 for a bottle of “house” wine. I’ve paid this in other clubs so I guess it’s normal by London club standards but that doesn’t mean I have to like it! It didn’t matter too much though because some business men from Dubai shared their MAGNUM of Grey Goose with us all night long.

I’d definitely hit it again.


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This is the full story of my Slimband journey from the fatness to the fitness and everything in between! I had Lap-band surgery at the Slimband Clinic in Toronto with Dr. Yau in April 2010 and boy has it been an adventure! This is where I tell the tale.


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