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Addicted to You

I recently read something that struck a very loud chord with me. It went like this:

“One of the more serious brain-related disorders that’s attributed to chemical malfunctions in the brain is addiction. We become addicted to substances that increase or release certain chemicals in our brain. Certain substances like nicotine release dopamine, the pleasure chemical, and your body craves more of it. Not all addictions are caused by dopamine, but it may give some insight into the theory that such things like carbohydrates can be addictive.”

What I have extracted from this tiny tidbit of information is that if one can be addicted to a substance that causes pleasure and thereby compels the body to increase dopamine levels, then one could arguably be addicted to anything that provides pleasure. If I take it even further, I could argue that a person could also invoke such a chemical reaction causing one to crave the attention of, or time with, an individual based purely on their physical dependence on the associated dopamine rush.

What this little dose of daily knowledge taken from a desk calendar has done is cause me to realise that I have an addiction. Not your standard chemical or substance addiction but an addiction to a particular group of people (you know who you are) that provide me with an unlimited amount of pleasure everytime I see them.

Now that I’ve admitted I have a problem I should be on the road to recovery right? Well, actually, I don’t want to recover from this particular addiction. I always knew I had stalker tendencies but now I have a medical excuse.


About digitaldivablog

This is the full story of my Slimband journey from the fatness to the fitness and everything in between! I had Lap-band surgery at the Slimband Clinic in Toronto with Dr. Yau in April 2010 and boy has it been an adventure! This is where I tell the tale.


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