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Truly Outrageous!

I have pink and purple hair. Yep, you heard right, pink and purple a la Jem from Jem and the Holograms. Why did I do this to myself you ask? Well, because I wanted it. Simple as that. And I like it.

The overall reaction to this seemingly impulsive, dramatic and uncharactristic change has been pretty good too especially the shocked expressions on the faces of my nearest and dearest.

That being said, I did share their surprise at the salon when my stylist did the reveal. She actualy asked if I thought I might need a tissue before she unveiled that the ‘baby pink’ I’d requested actually came out as more of a fuschia. But I actually really like it. Besides, I’m told it will fade quite quickly and so too will the novelty but i’m sure it will be fun while it lasted…


About digitaldivablog

This is the full story of my Slimband journey from the fatness to the fitness and everything in between! I had Lap-band surgery at the Slimband Clinic in Toronto with Dr. Yau in April 2010 and boy has it been an adventure! This is where I tell the tale.


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